Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Getting Everything Started

Hope everyone has been enjoying the fall.  We have been busy getting all the training groups set up as well as working on all the Training Camps and tri talks organized.  But things are slowly falling into place and the winter and spring is starting to shape up well.  If you are interested in the Swim Team, York U Indoor Track Runs, Tucson Training Camps or the Dec 1st Simon Whitfield and Barrie Shepley Tri talk and Clinic email me.  

Also I am very excited about my upcoming Ironman this summer as it will be my first.  I am yet to 100% commit to which one but it will be in Canada.  I am also excited to be working with Eload for the next year and looking forward to working with them to create the perfect nutrition plan for the racing this year.  I will make sure to keep posting everything we try and how it works.

That's all for now.  But I will leave you with some more pics from our wedding Thanks Miranda Elyse for the great shots.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Summer and start of fall

Been a long time again but better late then never.  A quick recap of the summer, Obviously the highlight was getting married.  It was a great day and week and I am the happiest guy around.  Racing this summer was really hit or miss.  I seemed to do well at races I was not really expecting and races I thought I was ready and prepared for I did not do as well as I would have thought.  I still had a great year but I was expecting a bit more.

In terms of the fall and next year.  I am going to focus all my energy on having a great race at Mont Tremblant Ironman in August.  I really want to give it a good try while still in good shape. 

I will hopefully keep the blog more up to date with my training and racing as well as keeping everything up to date with life.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I know, I know, I know, long time no write, well here it is.  I have been really busy getting all the programs underway for the new year, training has been a little slow as things get set up but I am getting things into place and starting to be able to train more and more.  I better get going because I am going to try to race the ITU World Cross champs in Alabama in May.   I am not in bad shape, actually I think I am in better shape now then other years at this time but if I am going to race at a world champs I really need to get going.  On the bright side I am healthy with no injuries  and motivated to get fast.

On the home front, Krystal and I finally have our wedding venue confirmed and are slowly getting the details figured out.   The Date is July 14, strategically placed between races!!

Bernie is getting bigger and starting to get a real personality.  Krystal and I wanted a dog with personality but would also calm down and be able to just sit there with us and Bernie seems to be the perfect dog so far.  He did however have a case of the runs over the last 3-4 days and left many gifts on our carpet including 3 nice big ones on Valentines!

Here are a few pics of Bernie and My new bike ready to lead the workout at one of our Mega Days in Caledon.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

McMaster Tri Clinic Fast Approaching

All is calm on my home front.  Been working away with the swim club and the York U run, which are a great fun and I hope everyone is learning  a lot.  There is still room available for both so if you were looking to sign up you still can at the Personal Best website.

The big event that is rapidly approaching is the McMaster Tri Clinic.  It is a great day for the beginner to advanced triathlete or sport enthusiast who wants to try to do things better.   It is on December 3rd and spots are limited so if you are interested I would suggest acting quickly.  You only get 1 chance a year to learn from the best so don't wait until next year. You can sign up and get more information from following this link http://www.personalbest.ca/eventsandcamps/camps/19-mactriclinc

Other then that this weekend is the end of year banquet for the C3 which is always fun and a great night to catch up with the rest of the team and help get motivated for the next year.

That's all for now and I hope to see you at the McMaster Tri Clinic on Dec 3rd!!!!!

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