Monday, August 22, 2011

Race Recap

I raced this weekend in Orillia at the Subaru Tri series race. I never usually get to race this one because for the last couple of years it has been the same day as Nationals. From this race I was looking for some improvement on my swim and bike from Windsor as well as more run speed. I felt good for the first part of the swim but started to fade on the second half but forced myself to swim hard because Len had picked it up I would think to drop me before the bike. I knew I needed to stay with him and did. The first 5 km of the Orillia course was pretty tough with a lot of hills. I struggled a little on the bike but found my groove at about the 10km mark. I started feeling really good and with Len still insight I was able to pass him. That did not last long, maybe 5km before he passed me back and I rode with him for the last 10km of the bike. I still felt like I had some missing on the hills so it is something I will have to work on a bit before Muskoka. Getting onto the run I felt great right away and ran hard from the start. I am really happy with the run except for my breathing. I know my legs could have gone harder. This race helped boost my confidence for the next couple of weeks and I am glad Len was there so I could have a good gauge on my fitness.

I would also like to congratulate my other team mates who raced this weekend, Andrew Yorke who raced in his first WCS race in Switzerland and finished an amazing 21st spot running a 15:30 5k. As well as Johnny Raz and Taylor who raced in Kelowna with Johnny finishing 5th Canadian and 3rd U-23 and Taylor just getting caught out on the swim but working hard on the bike and Run.

I am sorry for the lack of Pictures, I will start to take some more because I know I like them.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

weekend racing

This will only be the second year in 10 where i am going to miss racing nationals. I am a little upset but i really don't think i would have been ready to race well and I am looking to save the hard effort for Muskoka in 3weeks. I am going to do a small race this weekend in Orillia as a tune up and some good speed work leading into the last couple hard weeks for Muskoka.

Krystal and I also got to go into our new condo yesterday and it looks great with the counter tops and all the lights done, now we are just waiting on the electric hook up and we can move in.

I am up at Krystals cottage this weekend as well because it is close to Orillia and i just love being up here and now that I can get internet it just makes it even better. Also good luck to all other c3 and PB athletes. Kick ass this weekend.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Public Swim Etiquette

I posted on Facebook the other day that I was kicked by a slower swimmer while at a free swim at my local pool. It seems like everyone has some type of story of other mishaps while at public swim so I thought I would start creating a code of ethic for the local open lane swim.

  1. Fill all lanes first.
  2. If lanes marked 'fast, med, slow' this is meant in relation to other swimmers in the pool, not how fast you think you are.
  3. Breast Strokers try to stay in a lane with other people doing breast stroke.
  4. Pay attention to what others are doing in the lane, if it looks like the faster swimmer is about to start don't go just before them.
  5. It does not matter how long you have swam at the pool, you do not own that lane.
  6. Wear proper swim attire.
  7. Be willing to adjust workout based off numbers in the lane and being courteous to others.
That's all I can come up with now, this list is very informal, it is more of just a rant but if anyone can think of any more rules let me know and I will add it.

On another note I had a great bike ride today with Rich Pady we did 118km at 36km/h average on a route we felt simulated the Muskoka course. I felt strong the entire way. I also wore my CEP compression sleeves for the first time riding, it will be something I will continue to experiment with leading into Muskoka.

Ok, that's all for now.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Update

This weekend I was supposed to run 2 clinic days in Huntsville for people looking for a preview of the 70.3 course. I did not get the turn out I would have liked but I think those who came on Sunday got a lot of good information about how to have a great day on the course. I am excited about next year and organizing a few bigger events throughout the winter spring and summer to really get people going for the race. More to come on that later as I finalize the plan.

Not a lot more to catch up on, our move in date for our condo was moved back another month, that is twice now where we were less then 2 weeks from move in date only to find out there was another delay. I know the place is done because I have been in it they just won't let us move in. So the new date is Sept 15th but could be earlier but I think that is very unlikely.

Well that's about all, just a few more weeks until Muskoka 70.3 and training hard.


Monday, August 8, 2011

Windsor C3 Dominance and Weekend Muskoka 70.3 Training Days

After another hard week of training back in Caledon I went down to race in Windsor which is always one of the big races in Ontario. I was not sure how my speed was going to be for the short race because of my longer training for Muskoka 70.3. I knew my biggest competition would be from team mate Andrew Yorke who is Canada best U-23 triathlete and is in the best shape of his life right now. The race was the perfect distance to really make our talents even with a shorter swim a flat and fast TT bike and a 6km run. I did not have the swim I knew I could and Yorke had 20sec on me exiting the water and by the time I got onto the bike the gap was around 30sec.

I worked hard on the first lap of the bike but I had only pulled back 30 sec and started the second lap with him. I knew I was in trouble at this point because I knew I needed close to 2 min to be able to hold him off on the run. I went as hard as I could on the second lap and opened a gap but it ended up only being 1 min at the end of the bike.

I ran as hard as I could but Andrew caught me at about the 3km mark and there was no way I was staying with him. I ran steady the rest of the race and finished 2nd. It is always hard to loose but I am glad it was Yorke.

This weekend I am running a training weekend in Muskoka on the 70.3 course. There will be 2 parts. The Saturday will be a more advanced group that will swim in Peninsula Lake (can't guarantee it will be the exact course) then head out and ride the entire 95km bike course. After the bike there is a run on the course. The Sunday will be similar but will be more instruction based. We will swim in Peninsula Lake then bike the first and last part of the bike course and will likely be around 50km. After the bike we will also have a run. Both days are designed to be more training days to get comfortable on the course with instruction and secrets from me throughout the day.

Here is a summary and time line of the weekend.

Time Line:

Saturday: Advanced day

9:30-10:00 - Meet at Deerhurst beach ready to swim first.
10:00 - Start the swim, (may not be able to swim exact course because of boat traffic)
10:50-11:00 - Finish swim and start to get ready for bike
11:30 - Start bike of the course (95km)
3:00-3:30 - Finish bike
3:30-4:30 - Run after bike
4:30 - Post day wrap up.
7:00 - Potential Group Dinner after long day

Sunday: Novice Day

9:30-10:00 - Meet at Deerhurst beach ready to swim
10:00 - Start lesson in open water swimming ( breathing / sighting technique )
10:15 - Start Swim
10:15-11:00 - Swim in Peninsula Lake
11:30 - Ready to ride and start lesson on the bike course
11:45-2:30 - Bike on course (not entire course )
2:30-3:30 - Run off the bike
3:30 - Post day wrap up.

Email me at if you are interested.

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