Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nationals in a Few Days

Been a while again between posts, I did well for about 2 weeks then let it slide again for a few months. So what has happened?
The first race of the year that I really wanted to well at I ended up getting sick right before the race and spent the Wednesday and Thursday in bed sick so my body was just out of tune for the race, as well as I ended up crashing while dismounting. I landed really hard on my hip and really affected my run. A local photographer was able to get a picture of me mid crash and it appeared on the cover of the local paper. Thanks Kevin Stroud Photography for the photos.

From the Lens of Kevin Stroud Photography
13 Veterans Way, Huntsville, On P1H 1P3

To recover from the fall I took a week off and skipped the Michigan 70.3. It was a great week off where Krystal and I were able to spend some time at our cottages. It was a great couple of days.
I was back at it at the end of the week and started my hard training towards Nationals. It took a few days to feel good again. I was still feeling a little sluggish until this weekend when I raced the Windsor Triathlon, it is one of the few races in Ontario with prize money and I wanted redemption for Muskoka because I knew I was fit enough to win. The race went exactly how I wanted it to, leading out the swim, then trying to stay close to Len on the bike and run hard until I knew I had the victory.
This last week has been prep and fine tuning and I am starting to feel really good and I am excited to show that my Olympic distance racing career is not over!!


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