Thursday, July 31, 2008

Has it been that long?

I can't count the amount of times that I have said that I was going to finally write a new post, but every time I just either just forget or become to lazy to actually do it. So where do I begin? I guess I will start off with the Muskoka Chase. For those of you that were there or I have talk to about he race you would know the monumental collapse that occurred.
I started off pretty well and had a pretty good lead over the other top contenders I put in a solid ride and got off the bike with around a 3 min lead. I took the last part of the bike easy because I knew my run was lacking fitness. Well to make a long story short I caught the lead girl got cramps in my hamstrings got passed back by the girl and Wolfgang, ended up finishing 3rd overall and 2nd male. I was a little upset because I knew I could easily have won but concidering the amount of running I was doing I guess I did not perform that bad.
I started to train well after the race and 2 weeks later I raced the Half in Peterborough. I had a lot more run training under my belt and had a great race. I ended up winning as well so that is a bonus!!!
After another good week of training it was off to Geneva New York for the points race. I was not planning on racing it but I decided to go and help out my team mates have a good race to help them get Quest for Gold. My goal was to pull Yorke and Woegerer to the lead pack so they can have the best run they can from the front. The plan went pretty well, Yorke who was supposed to have a slower swim then Woegerer beat him out. I ended up pulling Yorke to the front and he ended up having a good run finishing 6th. Unfortunitly Woegerer was too far back off the swim and was not in position for me to bring him up to the front. I just cruised the run and finished 15th.
After a couple more weeks of good training, well I guess it was pretty good, I am so paranoid about over pushing my knee that I feel like I slacked a little on the running but maybe I played it right and kept myself from getting injured. You never know I guess.
So now I am almost up to date, the last thing to happen was a race in Corner Brook the 70.3. I was not that confident going into the race, I don’t know why I just did not feel good all week going in. The race however turned out to be a good one. Everything went well, although on the bike I could not grab water for the life of me, I had 4 bottle fall out of my hands. I felt the lack of water by the end of the run but I was still able to hang on for a solid 4th place behind very solid athletes.
I guess I am caught up now, I know these are very much coles notes there is a lot more going on in my life even though it may not look like it. I will try to update more often, this way I can tell everyone more of what is going on in my life and keep all the blog readers from telling me to update!!!!!
Talk soon.

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