Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Hey, just realized that this blog that I thought was lost is actually still there, so I am sorry if having it out of order but I may as well post it.
Just got back from my first race of the year in Oceanside California, it was an eventfull trip to say the least. It started at the airport where we were suprised to see that the airline increased the price for bikes from $50 to $100 for oneway. So we got to Cali and rented a car and drove to Nats friends home just outside of San Clamente. They had just moved into the house about a week ago and did not know the rules of the subdivision so the next morning when we woke up we were all suprised to see that someone had towed our car, although Nat and i both hoped that it was stolen so that we did not have to pay the towing costs.

We eventually got the car back and headed to San Diago for some helmets then to the race site.

The day before the race was pretty uneventfull and I got ready for the race.

Race day was like everyother, woke up had some food I tried some new things that I learned from our talk with Lisa Bentley then headed to the race site.

The race started off well i got out infront of the group and had a fairly clear swim. I got onto the bike with the first group, minus Potts. From what I had heard about the course is that the second half is a lot harder and that you really don't want to go to hard and I made a decision to drop it down a little. I know now this was a mistake because the way the wind was blowing I should have sucked it up and stayed with the guys until the hills because I know that I can ride the hills with all of them. It is just learning for next time.

Once I got onto the run I was feeling really good, I had done a hard ride but when i started running I still felt fresh and had a good turnover right from the start but that pesky knee was starting to get sore I tried running a few more km's but it was just not loosening up and I thought that I should stop so it does not get more injured then it already is. I was really bummed that I could not go on but I think it will get better soon and I will be good to go for my other races coming up.

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