Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back at it!!!

Officially I am now a University Grad with a B.A. Geography/Geology from Mcmaster. It took a while but it is all the same in the end. I am just glad to have that monkey off my back so I can get back into the job I love being a Triathlete.

After spending time at home with my family and Krystal over the holidays, it was time to get down south and start to get back into shape, I let my fitness slide over the last few months with school and the injury but now I am rested, healthy and ready to get fit again.

I just finished my second day of training here in Tucson and I am a little more out of shape then I thought I was, today we did 2.5h easy on the bike, with no real climbs, followed by 40 min running exploring the trails around our house. We did not find too many but there were a lot more options to try another time. Lastly we did another easy swim at the Oro Valley pool.

The house we are staying at is really nice and fully furnished so unlike 2 years ago where the only chairs we had were fold up lounge chairs it is nice to have a place to put our feet up other then our bedroooms.

I really hope to keep this blog up to date through out the year so i can keep everyone in touch with what I am up too, and my journey back to peak fitness.

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