Thursday, October 20, 2011

Working away at home

Not a lot has happened since last post, I am slowly working away at home and getting well into the swim team and York U run workouts.  The mornings are getting easier and easier and I am glad for that because there was a lot of coffee consumed for the first couple weeks.

I have started back with a bit more training myself, running mostly but look to get back on the bike once this wet weather passes!!  It is the off season I can be a fair weather rider right now!!  My neck is still a little gummed up and gets aggravated with swimming so I think a few more appointments are necessary. 

If any one reading this is interested I have some spots left open for one on one swim coaching as well as spaces open for my swim club out of Mayfield Pool.  email me if you are interested in more information. 

I am going to start to run with my garmin again so maybe I will be able to post some of the great runs from the Orangeville area.  I am really looking forward to training here next summer, I will make hills my friends, although I grew up in Caledon and there are lots there but they are bigger in Orangeville!!

Here are some pictures I found on a camera that was lost in the move.  the first is riding down the back road to Mt. Lemmon in Tucson and the other is me and Little man ( Bernie ) for a walk close to home.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Thanksgiving and Beyond

Not Much to write about again this time, the new swim group is going well, I am getting used to waking up in the morning now so that always helps a lot.  As well as we just started our Tuesday York workouts and although we had a small turn out last week it will keep getting bigger as the weather starts to get colder. 

I have not been training a lot but that's ok this time of year, I will get back at it soon as I need to run 22km for the Raid the Hammer in November, I am moving up to the big distance this year so we will see how it goes.  Put my McMaster Geography degree to work!!!

Bernie is awesome so far and it is amazing how much he understands at such a young age.  He can already sit and is pretty well house broken already, the only times he goes in the house is when K and I mistake his bark for just playing, we are now trying to get him to ring a bell when he needs to go outside.  I don't want to say too much in case I jinx it but he has been more then expected so far!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

First off I wanted to say good luck to all the athetes racing Hawaii this weekend especially the PB C3 Athletes that I train with all summer.  Hope you all have a great race. 
It has been a very busy couple of weeks in the Bechtel-Jeffs household with the addition of our new little man Bernie! He is a lot of work but we are slowly getting the hang of it.  He knows to tell us when he needs to go outside but sometimes it is literally seconds before he goes. 

I have not been doing a ton of training, just the odd run and bike here or there.  I actually don't have a road bike right now, I was able to sell both my Shiv and tarmac so I am limited to my mt. bike which is not all that bad, I actually kind of like it.  Maybe I will be able to do a few Xterra tri's next season. 

The swim club is getting going.  We have been going for 2 weeks now and i think everyone is starting to get into the swing of things.  I like coaching in the morning way better then swimming in the morning!

Well thats about it for now, I think I am heading mountain biking tonight so that should be a lot of fun.


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