Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Milton Triathlon

I guess I am more fit then I thought, going into the race I was questioning my fitness a little because of the recent knee injury that I have been taking care of. The night before was spent at TL's new house, being there just makes me want to get my own house. Living in student housing is alright but I am getting older and the want to have a place of my own. I should start training harder so I can win more money, or maybe finish my degree!!!
Back to the race, I have been swimming really well the last couple of weeks so I was hoping to get away right from the start. When the horn went I put my head down and was able to get a good gap right off the bat. I pulled away throughout the swim. I got to the bike knowing I had a pretty good lead and heading out on the bike knowing that on this course you can easily get out of sight out of mind. Going up the 6th line hill I held a back a little knowing that if I went too hard this early I would pay for it later. After the hill I just hammered the rest of the bike knowing that my running is not at its best right now. Getting off the bike I started running and listening to the spectators around the transition to see what kind of lead I had. I knew that I had an awesome bike when I was out of hearing range and had not heard any sign of anyone else. I ran hard until the 2km mark where I saw my dad and asked him how big my lead was, when he said 3 minutes I felt a lot more relaxed and enjoyed the run a lot more knowing I could get a good hard run in without the pressure.
There is a bit of bad news from the day though. Later in the night when my legs were starting to tighten up my knee started to hurt again so the last few days have been spent rehabing with the help of the magic hands of Nigel Hudson and Robert Taylor.
Tomorrow is a brick workout which will include a hard swim and bike and I will play the run by year, but most likely it will be an easy run off the bike.
My next race is in 2 weeks in Muskoka and based off this result I think I can have a great race!!!

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