Monday, September 8, 2008

Decision time

The last week has been pretty stressfull with finding a new house to live in, moving into my new house, getting registered for school, picking classes, deciding whether or not to do Muskoka 70.3, as well as trying to train. But I feel like everything has fallen into place now so I can settle down and get back into a routine.
I decided not to do Muskoka, it was a tough decision because it is such a big race within a couple of hours of my house, but my knee was just not getting any better and although I had planned on only swimming, riding and playing the run by ear, I really did not want to sacrifice the cross country season because I believe that it is more important for future development.
I see a doctor Wednesday and start physio on Thursday so hopefully things get back in line soon.
As for everything else, Nat Faulkner my training partner for the year just had an awesome tune up race for Hawaii, he did Ironman Wisconsin and was leading the entire race including the pros after the bike. He started 10min back from the pros and was 2nd overall off the bike, he was 9 min back from the leader which put him 1 min up on him as well. He was only planning on running 1 of 2 laps to not kill him self too close to Hawaii. I think with a couple more good weeks of training that he has a realistic chance of placing top amerature.
I know that next year is going to be a good with with both of us putting in some god training miles!!
Saw Alexisonfire on the weekend, there was a free concert at Mac which was awesome!! I wish I knew more of their songs I think that would have made it more enjoyable.


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