Monday, May 10, 2010

First week home

Been a busy first week back in Caledon. Spent the first few days in just getting everything back in to order, clothes put away, bike stuff organized and everything else that needed to be done after being away for 3 months. Krystal left for the Joe Martin Stage Race in Arkansas on the Tuesday so we only got to see each other for 2 days before she left. One of the days were her birthday though, I am just getting used to being 26 and now she is 27, where does the time go.

This last weekend we had the McMaster Tri Clinic in Hamilton, it was supposed to be a 3 day event but turned into 2 days. This gave us Friday to train ourselves which was nice except for the rain. Saturday was the big day and it went very smoothly besides the 100km/h winds on the bike which made the long ride a little shorter. Sunday how ever was really cold and after 3 months away -3 felt like -100, I was not very happy at the start of the ride but as I got into it I started to come around.

tomorrow morning is a quarry swim, not sure if it will be swimmable after the last few nights of sub 0 temps but I will give it a try. Then a nice speed run later in the day.

Well that's about all, going to watch the last period of the Pittsburgh - Montreal game, hoping the pens knock them out!!!


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