Saturday, August 20, 2011

weekend racing

This will only be the second year in 10 where i am going to miss racing nationals. I am a little upset but i really don't think i would have been ready to race well and I am looking to save the hard effort for Muskoka in 3weeks. I am going to do a small race this weekend in Orillia as a tune up and some good speed work leading into the last couple hard weeks for Muskoka.

Krystal and I also got to go into our new condo yesterday and it looks great with the counter tops and all the lights done, now we are just waiting on the electric hook up and we can move in.

I am up at Krystals cottage this weekend as well because it is close to Orillia and i just love being up here and now that I can get internet it just makes it even better. Also good luck to all other c3 and PB athletes. Kick ass this weekend.


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