Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another big week

Alright that was a really big week, not as big as some of the weeks in Tucson but the biggest one since the injury. It started off on Saturday with a big training day in Caledon, 100km hilly ride that ended up being pretty fast because we thought it would be fun to sprint for every sign, not just town lines. We followed that up with a solid hour run through the hills of Caledon. It was supposed to be a mod run but leave it to Yorke feeling good and that pace can get pretty fast.
Sunday was the annual Kinetico Kids of Steel, which was a lot of fun, we did the duathlon in the morning, which was my first bit of really fast running in a long time, it hurt but I am now feeling a lot better.
The next couple of days were typical training days, swimming lots with some runs and rides thrown in there as well. But I am getting ready for the Milton Triathlon, a race I have not done since 1999 where I finished a great 21st place, hopefully I do better this time!!! haha, I really want to win this one and I am pretty sure I have a good chance!!!
I will keep posting.


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