Friday, May 23, 2008

Another week done

Just finished up another big week in the hammer. Things are really starting to get back on track with my training, running is feeling better by the day and I am riding better then I think at any time in my life. Swimming is about where I would expect as well. Although for the first time ever my younger brother Mark beat me in a set for the first time ever. It was not a matter of me not swimming well but of him really swimming well. I know that he has done a lot of work on it over the winter and it is really starting to pay off. The set was 30x100 2 steady 1 fast, 2 steady 2 fast, cont. that until 4 fast then back down and the last one was from a dive, we were going about 1:15 for the steady long course and I was going 1:07 for the fast and Mark was going around 1:05-6. So good on him and I am glad his hard work is paying off, lets hope that he can translate that to a medal at the world age group champs in the 19 and under.
Wednesday we also had the annual C3 golf day in support of the high performance team. I think the day was a good success despite the crappy weather (10 degrees and rain) I think everyone had a good time. I golfed with one of my main Sponsors Philip from Kinetico Canada. ( ) and one of his employees Ed. We golfed pretty well all day long with everyone hitting there share of good shots, but the shot of the day probably by anyone in the tourny was done by none other then Nat Faulkner. On the tenth hole after only playing 4 holes of golf in his life (we stared on the 7th) takes a 5 iron from 150 yards away bounces it in front of the green and it rolls up and green and goes in the hole, score us an eagle on the hole and Nat with pretty well a once in a lifetime shot 4 holes into his golfing career. That night was the dinner where we had an auction and Harold Mah as the keynote speaker. We also got all our 2xu gear with the new race suits. Today while we were getting massaged we hear Brit yelling upstairs we don't know what it is about so she comes down and shows us her new suit. Here is a pic, note the arching letters which is what she was yelling about!!
It is now Friday my rest day and I am again sitting in the Hamilton house waiting for the swim later in the day then I am heading back to Caledon for a big training day tomorrow and then the C3 Kids of Steel race on Sunday.
Thanks for reading!!


brittany hern said...

hahahaha What you can't see is in this pic is how my last name actually "smiles" out you! ahah These race suits are not made for girls who got some back!!! lol Glad you captured this horrific moment sean, im always here to entertain:)
B xo

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