Monday, September 27, 2010

Getting back to the Grind!!

After a lot of thought I decided to call it a season after Syracuse. I am still recovering fromthe race, my calf's still get tight while running but I am enjoying mountain biking without that crashing cloud hanging over my head. The other day Krystal and I went up to 3 stage mountain biking, the riding was not that great because of the wet trails but had one of the most out of the blue moments I have had. Because of the wet trails Krystal and I decided to take the roads home. If you know me of course I need to take all the small roads convinced it is going to be a short cut. We start to cruise down this hill which was really big for southern Ontario (would have been about 10min to climb back up) and realize the road has been flooded by a beaver dam. We sat there wondering the best way around and were starting to take off our shoes when we started to hear a car coming down the road. We go to opposite sides of the trail when Krystal says "your not going to believe this" That's when the H1 Hummer comes around the corner. I start talking to the guy and he asks if we wanted a ride accross the swamp, haha!! No hesitation on my part!!!! So Krystal and I jump on and ride across. It went from a disapointing ride to something I will never forget. If you are ever in the Collingwood area maybe take a day and experience H1 Hummer Adventures.
Here is a pic that I got quickly, I thougt I was taking a video but only took a picture. You can still make it out


She said I need a goal said...

Hi Sean, Jackie S told me to check out your blog. Look forward to reading, but you should blog more, haha. ;-)

Cheers! Adena

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