Monday, September 20, 2010

These last 2 weeks were very busy for me race wise. It was the first time I have ever done back to back 70.3’s so I did not know how I would respond. First off was Muskoka, it is my home town race so to speak, only being a 3 hour drive away from home. Everything leading in the race went perfect and I was ready for a big day. I felt great in the water and at the half way mark decided to take the lead to string things out a little before the bike. By the end of the swim there was a group of 3, myself, Paul Mathews and Craig Alexander. Paul hammered of the start of the bike and Craig and I were unable to go with him. I rode with Craig until the 65km mark where he started to pull away from me. I ended up 1 min down from him and Raynard Tysink (sp) who passed me late on the bike and 4 min down from Paul. I went really hard on the bike trying to stay with Craig and I payed for it on the run, I started cramping and had a hard time just getting to the finish line. I ended up 6th getting passed twice on the run. One spot out of the money which sucked but really not a bad race considering the quality of field.
My next race was in Syracuse NY. it was a last minute decision but I came out of Muskoka fairly well and since it was close thought it would be a good idea. I did recover well during the week and felt better and better. During the race I decided not to lead the swim and try to save some energy for the first part of the bike to give myself a better chance to stay with Paul who was doing the double as well. I tried as hard as I could with out overdoing it at the start of the bike but I just could not go with him and Andrew Yoder and settled into my pace for the rest of the 90km. Getting off the bike I was surprised that everyone was saying I was in 2nd, I thought I was 3rd but I guess Andrew pulled out somewhere on the bike, so that was a present surprise. I was running pretty well to start, I usually know within the first 5km whether it is going to be a good run. In Muskoka that's when I was starting to cramp but in Syracuse that is when I started to feel like I could start running faster. I was eventually passed at the 5 mile mark by one guy but was able to hold on the rest of the run and finish 3rd, my best finish in a 70.3 event.
Not sure what the race plan is now, there might be another race but I know a lot of time is going to be spent planning the rest of the winter for the Ironman Austria group.

All photos are courtesy of Don McCormick


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