Monday, September 14, 2009

Muskoka 70.3

Just got home from Huntsville after a great weekend away up north. I was lucky enough to get a room with Bob and Caron at the Deerhurst resort it was the perfect place to prepair for the race because it was within walking distance of everything. Krystal and I got up mid day on Friday and in time to get some training in. Saturday I did my basic pre race workouts and also was part of a pro Q and A with Craig Alexander and Miranda Carafre. That was a pretty cool experience

Race day came and I knew I was ready to have a great race based on how relaxed I was. I was joking with Krystal and bouncing around the hotel room at 5am. I walked over to transition from my room and got everything set up then walked to the swim start. I felt great warming up and was ready to go.

the race started and I was quick to find feet I was 3rd in line and felt comfortable the rest of the way. I was 2nd out of the water and 3rd onto the bike. Quickly there was a separation and I was able to get away with Craig, Richie, and Paul. After a very quick and hilly first 20km it settled down and the 4 of us rode away from the rest of the competition. At the 70km mark we got back into the hills and I started to find the pace a little to rich for me. I made the decision to let them go and ride my own tempo the rest of the bike. I got off the bike about 90sec down but feeling good, I ran really well for the first half and was on pace for a personal best half but the fast pace at the start of the bike started to catch up with me and I slowed down. In such a competitive race it caused me a couple of places but I ended up 6th and first Canadian.

The race was a huge confidence booster and motivator for the rest of the year.

Thanks again to Bob and Caron for allowing us to stay with them and of course to my favorite person in the world, who keeps me relaxed and focused leading into the race and who gives the best pre race massage, Thanks Babe

I should have pics soon.


Tyler Lord said...

Dude! A Blog!!

Great race buddy...must have been the Meaford training camp!

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