Saturday, September 19, 2009


Another good week of training. It took a few days to recover from the race but I am feeling really good now. Tyler Lord and I put in a great day on friday but just our luck, after 3 weeks without rain in Caledon we get poured on. The last time I had to ride in the rain was when I last rode with Tyler up at my cottage.

Today I swam in the quarry but I had the rude awakening when I had to scrape the frost off my car before I could drive there. The swim felt kind of surreal though, it was so calm and there was steam coming up from the water I wish I had a camera but I didn't so you will have to take my word.

Tomorrow is the Kinetico 10miler followed by the Kids race, so far we have 800 kids racing, we were hoping for 1000 to set the new canadian record but that might have to wait until next year, still 800 is pretty good.

I was able to get a few more pics of the Muskoka race courtesy of Jen Coombs so thanks Jen for taking them.


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