Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cold Cross Ride

Had a great cross ride today. The last long hard ride needed to be changed up do to cold temps and strong winds, I knew I would be able to get a better workout riding the cross bike through the hills. Nat Faulkner came up for the ride as well. Started off cold as we headed down the escarpment for the first time, we realized that there was still snow on the ground from the night before proving that it was really cold out!! Even right at the end of the ride at 3:30 there was still snow in the shade. Seems kind of early for snow to hang around all day but you get what you get. We weaved around all the roads finding all the hills we could, the pic is of Lavender Hill just outside of Dunedin, those who think Southern Ontario is flat ask me to take you for a ride and I will show you otherwise. During the ride Nat and I came up with the idea to create a cross century ride through the hill. We are thinking that this year will be small among friends but if they like it we might try to grow it, it is one of the best places I have ever ridden, single lane gravel roads up and down the escarpment with switch backs and 80km/h gravel descents with trails and paved roads thrown in as well.

Just over a week until Austin and I am feeling really good, I had my best run workout of the year yesterday and I have been feeling great on the bike, one last race then I get to spend some good time getting the personal best coaching off the ground.



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