Saturday, October 3, 2009


Not much to update on, the last 2 weeks have been some really hard training and with the weather starting to get cold it can be pretty tough sometimes to get out. I have not been dry on a bike ride in 2 weeks and with temps around 10 the long rides get cold. On the flip side though it is perfect running weather!! I am going to keep training hard for the next 2 weeks then start to rest for the last race of the season in Austin Texas, I have had some of the best weeks of training of my life so I am hoping for a good race.

On a different note, Krystal after a lot of time spent volunteering signed on with the Peel school board and is now officially a teacher! No one worked harder then her to get her spot and it proves that when you want something enough just keep working hard and things will happen.

Just started to rain again glad I am done training for the day. I am actually looking forward to the snow!!


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