Friday, October 23, 2009

In Austin

Got into Austin last night, got the rental car and got to the hotel, spent some time looking for a grocery store which was harder then I thought, but eventually found one.

Today I went to the race site and swam, it was choppy but I think that will be beneficial for me. When I took my wheel out of the case I realized there was a little dent with what seemed like a crack as well, maybe it is time for a new disk wheel, I guess I will just have to win this weekend to be able to afford it.

I drove the bike course today as well, it was tough to follow, I did not have a map and when I tried to print one off at the hotel it did not work. So I was driving around with my computer open to the web page, I had a few wrong turns but I got through it all.

Until then it is resting up which I have been doing a lot lately but it is a welcome break from the last few weeks.

I know this was boring but I am pretty board, oh well, Sunday will be exciting.



A-Russ said...

Good Mindset

Put this one to bed on the bike

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