Saturday, April 17, 2010

Long Time Coming

Hahaha, yeah I know it has been a long time you don't have to remind me. Finishing up the last few weeks here in Tucson getting ready for my first race in Las Vegas. It is going to be my first Xterra and I am really looking forward to it.

We have been in Tucson since Feb 12th and spent the first few weeks working with the Personal Best Training Camps. After the Camps were over we had some time to get some really good training in and Dave and I have not let the opportunity go to waste.

This next week I have some faster more specific workouts leading into Vegas and Dave is starting to get ready for Florida 70.3 so our training is going to take some different directions for the next few weeks but our last training camp gets here in a few days so there will be some other guys to train with while Dave is doing his longer stuff.

Anyways that is everything summed up pretty quick, here are a few videos of some riding I took with my new helmet cam.

So that took way to long so I am just going to put links to the other videos

Golder Ranch Mountain Biking

That's all for now, hopefully it will not take 5 months to update again



Christine Jeffrey said...

Finally decided to race a real triathlon!!! See you in Vegas,
Chris Jeffrey

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