Thursday, October 20, 2011

Working away at home

Not a lot has happened since last post, I am slowly working away at home and getting well into the swim team and York U run workouts.  The mornings are getting easier and easier and I am glad for that because there was a lot of coffee consumed for the first couple weeks.

I have started back with a bit more training myself, running mostly but look to get back on the bike once this wet weather passes!!  It is the off season I can be a fair weather rider right now!!  My neck is still a little gummed up and gets aggravated with swimming so I think a few more appointments are necessary. 

If any one reading this is interested I have some spots left open for one on one swim coaching as well as spaces open for my swim club out of Mayfield Pool.  email me if you are interested in more information. 

I am going to start to run with my garmin again so maybe I will be able to post some of the great runs from the Orangeville area.  I am really looking forward to training here next summer, I will make hills my friends, although I grew up in Caledon and there are lots there but they are bigger in Orangeville!!

Here are some pictures I found on a camera that was lost in the move.  the first is riding down the back road to Mt. Lemmon in Tucson and the other is me and Little man ( Bernie ) for a walk close to home.


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