Friday, February 15, 2008

Epic Run

I will start off with the training yesterday. It was a really long day but went of pretty uneventfull. In the morning we did a 105km bike with the wednesday group that basically does the shootout loop backwards. After the bikeI went right into the 90min run on the trails close by. It was by far the warmest day I have felt here and by the end i was really tired. Then we did the swim (5k) later in the day.

Today though was different there was not as much training just a 90min run and a swim. For the run Nat and I decided to go up this road over Reddington Pass to some 4x4 trails that go up into the mountains. It was an awesome run, it was through the grasslands because we were up at a higher altitude so there were no more cacti. There were times where we were running through herds of cattle and running around mountain lakes. It was very beautyfull.

At one point though I tripped on a rock and went down pretty hard, I ended up cutting up my leg and my hand pretty bad. It looked a lot worse then it was because I did it 45min in about as far away from the car as we could have been so it bled a lot as I was running. The loop ended up being 95min and 20km.


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