Friday, February 8, 2008

The first month in a nutshell

I have been in Tucson Arizona for just over a month training with the Canadian national triathlon team the first month and now with a ex-pro cyclist turned triathlete named Nat Faulkner.
I drove down early January with my girlfriend Krystal Jeffs who decided to come along for the journey because she was leaving for teachers collage in Australia and I would not get to see her for about 6 months. We had a great trip, took the scienic way through Colorado and Utah. There is some awesome country out there, 12000 foot pass where I did not think my car would actually make it over to awesome canyons cut by the mighty Colorado river. It was quite the trip. Eventually the day came and I had to say bye to Krystal then I went to say hi to my Grandparents who spend their winters in Mesa, a suburb of Pheonix. After a day with them it was on to Tucson to meet up with the rest of the triathletes.
The camp was a lot of fun, although I was not in the greatest shape when I got there I slowly get better and better as the camp went on. After 3 weeks the Canadian camp ended and I was left to fend for myself for a couple of days before Nat arrived.
Nat had organized for us to stay at a house in the east end of Tucson close to great riding and running and it seems to be working out really well now.
For the last few days I have been really sick sith some kind of stomach virus and have lost lots of weight so I am already down to my race weight and them some more below it. My coach and I are having a contest as to who can be the lowest come time for my big races so although I did not like being sick if I can keep it off I am sure I will beat him.
Well that is about all, I know it is a lot crammed into a short entury but I did not feel like spending hours writing about my trip so far.
I will try my best to update is as much as possible.
Talk to you later


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