Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wow big day

Today was the longest day of the year so far which is awesome, the bad part is that it is not even the longest day of the week!!! oh man.

The day started of at 5:40 when our alarm went off to go to swimming. That plan quickly changed and the new alarm was set for 7 so we could head out riding around 8. It is nice having someone else that hates morning workouts as much as I do, haha!!!!

So we started our ride around 8 and decided to head up mount lemmon. It was a gorgous day and starting early there was hardly any one on the road. We did the intervals that we were supposed to and with my new toy ( a powertap ) i was able to really find the zone I wanted. I think it is going to be a very usefull training tool for the rest of the year. We got to Summerhaven after about 2:45 then started to head down. I have never had as much fun heading down this mountain before, Nat and I did our last interval down the mountain and I could not believe how fast we were taking it. Nat is an amazing decender and I was getting nervous around some of the corners because we were heading into them so fast, but I made it and I feel like I am better having done it. The total ride was 4 hours and 110km.

When we got home it was right into an hour run through the wicked trails right out our doorstep. I felt good during it which is good concidering the length of the ride.

We had a couple of hours off then headed to the pool for the last workout of the day. We did a total of 4500 yards with a main set of 8x(200swim, 200pull hard) . I was surprised at how good I felt swimming as well and it is making me feel a lot better with my fitness because after being sick I was not feeling that great about it.

Well that is about all for now tomorrow is another big day. 100k of riding 90min run with some tempo stuff and a swim later in the day. Should be a lot of fun.



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